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Cross Country Cookie
112 Warren Avenue
Pawtucket, RI 02860
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In Memoriam

Francesco Serafino "Frank" Iafrate

Frank Iafrate
1926 - 2011

A resident of Cumberland RI was a Marine and a hard working individual whose line of work included boiler tender for the Grinnell foundry. Later he would operate a jewelry job shop on Federal Hill. He retired at age 62 and spent the intervening years enjoying his family and friends.

In Memoriam

Lorimer C. "Larry" Dunklee

Larry Dunklee
1931 - 2010

Larry Dunklee was born in Providence RI and was a graduate of Hope High School in 1949. After high school, Larry went on to Boston University on a basketball scholarship and later played semi-pro basketball. During the Korean war years, Larry was a member of the 43rd Infantry Division of the RI Army National Guard and was stationed in Germany. Upon returning from service Larry continued to excel and contribute to his community by working for the telephone company for 28 years, being a member and President of the North Kingston Chamber of Commerce and the North Kingston Rotary.

To the members of the Ocean Woodturners, Larry was affectionately known to as "Lunkadunk". He was an avid turner of bowls, pens and any project that came along from within the club of from his family and friends. Larry was a generous person who was always smiling, willing to lend a joke, an ear or a hand in anything that was going on. He could always be counted on for breaking the ice, saying what needed to be said or being the first to volunteer for a good cause.

Larry Dunklee

Member Comments:

"As you may know, Larry always had a joke and if you were on his email list you would know as soon as you saw "lunkadunk" you were in for a good laugh.

Larry was a very generous person always willing to help someone. On occasions if I went to his house or he came to mine, there would always be a little something,a bottle of wine, some wood to turn that we traded. One of the last things he gave me were some flowers from his garden for my wife when we met to move the steam engine, which were beautiful."

~ Anthony Scuncio

"Larry will be missed for his enthusiasm, his community service and his wonderful quick wit. A loss for Ocean Woodturners."

~ Rudi Hempe

"Fellow turners, sorry to hear about Larry, a real great guy. His sense of humor, his willingness to help all, and his commitment to the club will be missed. I remember meeting him for the first time, (when we first started the club) here was this 6’ bear of a man, and I under 5’7”, towering over me, with those gigantic hands, telling me he want to learn how to turn. Now, one would assume that this guy would fumble, attach a piece of wood as Paul Bunion would clear-cut a forest, but no, on the contrary he was as gentle as a lamb. I’ll miss his laughter, his teasing, and most of all his opinions. Well, heaven has Larry now to contend with, hopefully he will be telling St. Peter how to do things in heaven, he’ll probably want to turn a couple of spindles for the gate or put oil on the hinges. He’ll be in my prayers."

~ Ken D’Ambrosio